Window Repairs Wooden,Aluminium & Steel

A & A Arrow Window Expert having our 2nd to non glass scratch removal system and constantly being asked by our long standing clients within all the sectors we supply our services to We have now added this complimentary service so we can ensure we become the one stop shop for repairs and recolouring. A & A Arrow Window Expert, with our proprietary products and scratch removal methods, has pioneered glass repair, but we also handle aluminium window frame restoration. Aluminium is durable and resistant to corrosion, making it a fantastic material for window frames. It can, however, be subject to unsightly scratches. Not only do these mar the look of your home, but they can even hurt its resale value. Our experienced team is here to help restore your aluminium window frames and keep them looking their best. Replacing aluminium windows and door is a much more costly exercise than to re colour and service your existing. Remember it will not only be the window cost plus installation, but the impact and repair costs around the frame ie bricks, plaster paint, re rendering, architrave and skirting that you would have to think about. We can repair deep scratches dents and touch-up or repair your frames as required, we can colour match and blend the new into old colour. Whether we are undertaking a complete aluminium frame, window, door, security or flyscreen, garage door or even pool fencing recolouring, you can choose pretty much any colour you like in the following gloss, satin, matte or texture finishes. We offer our service in all sectors: Domestic building, commercial building, window manufactures / suppliers, real estates and property managers and many more.. If it is outside our realm of work we will steer you in the right direction and can put you in contact with the best supplier possible. At Scratchless we say, why replace when you can restore, repair & recolour.

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