Restoring Windows & Frame

There is something very special about the presence of an old window and the character it adds to a home. The rustic design, the quality of materials, the wavy glass and divided lite patterns, all characteristics of a thing of the past reflecting what it has seen to us today. Just as time takes its toll on us all, so it does with windows causing cracks, chipped paint, leaks and sagging. But before you jump to the decision to replace your antique windows, here are a few things to consider.

Window Restoration vs. Window Replacement

While replacing an old window might seem like a much easier fix, there are many reasons not to scrap the old. For many, it is the look of the old frame and glass, but there is also the benefit of pure materials that are inherently higher quality, safer, more durable and will last longer (consider their current lifespan as proof). Old windows also are designed to be repaired, while newer replacement windows are designed to be—well, replaced. In order to keep old windows up and working, it requires a bit of effort. Here is just a brief snapshot of what steps are taken when repairing windows from the past.

The Window Restoration Process

Depending on the amount of wear on the window, the process of restoring and repairing can be either fairly simple or slightly more complicated. Ask a trained professional to handle all old window renovation projects, but here is what you might expect to see them do.

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