Replace New and old

We're definitely keeping the old windows rather than going for replacements, which we were wary about anyways. It will take months and months of work but after several weeks of research we now feel up to the challenge. The next question is: What is the difference (if any) between old glass and new glass? I love, love, love the ripply, wavy glass in our windows that has the little bubbles (I think it's called "seeded" now). I'm voting to keep our old beautifully imperfect glass; DH is undecided but leaning towards replacing the glass because he thinks new glass would be better in some way. we don't completely understand his reasons, but I thought I should follow this line of thought and ask around. Maybe I'm overlooking improvements that new glass can offer (but I doubt it). I've heard many times that "old glass is brittle"... but isn't all glass to a certain extent? I mean it's not playdough! What benefits, if any, would putting in new glass give us? Also, the new "old look" type of specialty glass does not really look like old glass, if you know what I mean. The antique styles and various wavy & seeded glass I looked at (when picking out our kitchen cabinets) looked overdone - the ripple and bubble effects were too dramatic. None of the samples looked authentic.

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