Sash Cords

Replacing sash cords or sash ropes is a relatively simple procedure for a competent diy person. Should you wish to completely recondition a sash window or simply need to remove the sashes to get large furniture into the property then these guidelines can be utilized. These guidelines are for the most common sliding box sash windows encountered. It should be remembered however that not every sash window is exactly the same and regional variations are not uncommon. White 6mm braided marine rope / cord is ideal as it will last forever and does not stretch. Using cheap cord is a false economy as the saving is small and a budget cord may stretch over time. If the cords become too long the top sash will not close properly because the weights have bottomed out.

A box sash window operates by counterbalancing the weight of the sash against weights attached to a cord and passed over a pulley. These weights (usually cast iron, sometimes lead) travel up and down in a box, concealed within the window frame, hence the name Box Sash Windows. A dividing strip (wagtail) is often suspended within the box to prevent collision of the weights. Access to the weights is by means of a removable pocket, usually cut into the inside of the box lining but occasionally found on the inner box face, hidden behind wooden shutters. Parting beads are set into grooves running down the middle of the linings, holding the pockets in place and forming a channel for the outer, top sash. The channel for the inner, bottom sash is formed by the parting bead and staff bead, running around the inside perimeter of the frame.

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