Sound Proofing

Glass connects us to the outside world, but ordinary glass also connects us to sounds we don’t always want to hear. Sound Reducing Acoustic Glass, known as “HushGlass”, is a revolutionary development in glass technology that allows us to reduce outside unwanted noise without the need for double glazing! Historically, the only solutions available to sound proof your windows were to install double glazing or to retro fit another layer of glass over the top of your existing windows. Double Glazing is a great option if you are building a new home, but what about an existing home? Using HushGlass, we can remove your existing ordinary glass and easily fit new HushGlass into your existing window frames.

However the best benefit is that your windows will look, feel and operate the same as they do now, while reducing outside noise by up to 34%. This solution is superior to retro fitting over your existing glass as this inhibits the operation of your windows and doors, looks “retro fitted” and costs about the same as reglazing with HushGlass! HushGlass delivers a superior finish, a better outcome than alternatives and is an investment into your lifestyle while still looking after your budget! HushGlass delivers a 6dB reduction (weighted average) over ordinary 3mm glass. To give you an idea as to effectiveness, a 6db reduction will give the same benefit as doubling the distance between you and an unwanted noise source… noisy neighbours, traffic, railway lines, schools etc.

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